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Just what the world needs

Just what the world needs. Another blog. Another person who believes that s/he has something to say. Another person to post on Facebook “Here’s my latest blog entry. Please read it. Please affirm me. Please remember that my self esteem is directly tied to my site stats.”

I never thought I’d do this. Frankly, having a blog seemed like just another thing to add to my “To Do” list — and another thing to obsess about when I’m behind. I don’t need this kind of pressure.

So why am I doing it? Because they say I should.

They are the church growth experts. They are the ones that we pastors spend our limited professional expense budgets to hear, even though we know they will tell us everything we’re doing wrong. They are annoying that way.

They also are right about many things. Things like:

    • We should quit “doing church” the way we did it in the 1950s. The 1950s are over, and they’re not coming back. (This is good news, actually; bobby socks and saddle shoes were really not that flattering.)
    • We need to stop thinking about “our church” as only the people who come through the doors on Sunday morning. Instead we need to minister to anybody who finds their way to our virtual doors. (And hey, the virtual doors don’t need a fresh coat of paint and new weather stripping before winter.)
    • We have to remember that we have something valuable to offer, something that people are seeking, something that the world needs. So we should stop apologizing for it, already, and be the church God calls us to be. (And whatever that means, it doesn’t mean “insular.”)

So here is another blog. Is it what the world needs? Probably not. Will my observations be so inspiring that people will flock to our little church here in Danbury, CT? Probably not. (OK, definitely not; but give me my delusions for a minute, will you?) But here at King Street United Church of Christ, we do have something to offer, something the world needs. We have  an invitation for you–an opportunity to be included; an invitation into community, with all its glories and disappointments; a place where “spiritual but not religious” meets faith that is relevant and real. And that is just what the world needs.

So that’s why I’m creating a blog. Well, that and the fact that I hear all the cool pastors have them.

Comments on: "Just what the world needs" (1)

  1. Yes! The world does need another blog, it does need one more person who believes that she has something to say…..because you DO have something to say, and those who will never set foot in your church need to hear it.
    The reason why I blog and post links to it on facebook has nothing to do with boosting my self-esteem (although that is a nice byproduct), I do it because I’ve had so many people with whom I’d otherwise never have a chance to share my story come to me and say, “What you wrote touched me,” “It changed me,” and “Now I know I’m not alone.”
    As Anne Lamott says, the world’s most powerful sermon is two words: “Me too”

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